The children have returned to school, the morning’s are crisp, and the first leaves have started to turn beautiful colours…Autumn is upon us, and the click into the colder season sees us turn our attention to our houses, and making our living spaces cosy and inviting for the months ahead.

Our shelves are bursting with beautiful new products to help you achieve a stylish home.

The Birch Bowl is full of texture and available in two sizes. Although made from resin, it has the aged, grey appearance of a Silver Birch. These bowls look particularly good with our Artificial Shrub – the small sized bowl can hold one, and the large can hold three.

The Palermo Bowls are available in two sizes and look beautiful in a kitchen. Style seasonally, as we have done here with the smaller bowl, brimming with juicy pears.

The Sorrento Bottle is weighty and chunky. A great shelf – filler, with a beautiful shape. Style it alone or with an Olive Branch or Eucalyptus Stem

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