When we think of preparing our homes for the Winter months, we often think of swapping linens for knits and furs, and lighting the first fire of the season.

But there are actually more subtle adjustments you can make at home to herald the change in season as those dark and frosty nights creep in.

Swapping your home accessories around for different seasons can have a huge impact on how your home looks and feels at a particular time of the year.

Introduce darker accessories

Add a couple of darker toned objects amongst your lighter accessories to reflect the season.

We love our Smoked Glass Vase – the ultimate Winter styling item.   

Arrange some Winter foliage

Why not add a few White Winter Berry Stem‘s as we’ve done here:

Set the mood with candlelight

Light up a dark day with a room of glowing candlelight. Choose from our premium candle brands St Eval and Plum & Ashby, or adorn a dinner table or mantel with one of our beautiful new candlestick’s.

Antique Silver Candlestick


Plum and Ashby Wild Fig and Saffron Jar Candle

St Eval Winter Thyme Candle Tin

Subtle seasonal touches such as these help to keep your home feeling fresh and current.

Enjoy making your changes!